11, February 2021

Commission Qrejten breakwater, Marsaxlokk, Malta

In the past the fishing port of Marsaxlokk regularly experienced damage to anchored vessels and onshore equipment due to high wave conditions. To improve the wave conditions in the port a breakwater in front of the port entrance at Qrejten Point was built in 2020.

Svašek Hydraulics has been closely involved in the preparation and realisation of the Qrejten breakwater by doing field investigations, by analysing of the effectiveness of various wave protection alternatives with our numerical wave model HARES and by preparing the conceptual design.

Recently Infrastructure Malta has completed this new Qrejten Breakwater, which is about 110 metres long and six meters wide above the surface of the sea. It is built at a depth of about 3.5 meters below sea level. Around a block wall core structure, large stones were placed to break the waves and to prevent incoming and reflecting waves to enter Marsaxlokk fishing port. Construction works were completed in December 2020.

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