Svašek has become a member of the seaweed platform

Svašek Hydraulics has become a member of the Seaweed platform. A community of different companies and institutes working together on innovations, knowledge and market developments for seaweed farming at sea. This community is part of the activities of the so called North Sea Farm.

Lennard Spaans joins the Svašek team

As of September 2019, Lennard Spaans joins Svašek Hydraulics. Lennard recently graduated at Delft University of Technology (coastal engineering) and his MSc-Thesis focused on the morphodynamics of intertidal sandbars and its simulation in XBeach.

Fjord Corssing project Norway

Asplan Viak (Lead contractor, Norway), HKV (Netherlands) and Svašek (Netherlands) together have been selected for the ‘Fjord Crossings’ project for two framework agreements for flow and wave studies. In order to realize the ambition to complete the E39 Coastal Highway Route as an improved and continuous route without ferries, new bridge technology needs to be […]

50th anniversary Svašek Hydraulics

This September it will be 50 years ago that Svašek Hydraulics was founded by Honzo Svašek (1926-1994). Born in Czechoslovakia, Honzo became a scientist at Rijkswaterstaat in The Netherlands after his MSc graduation at Delft University of Technology in 1955. The construction of the first Rotterdam Port Expansion (Maasvlakte I) played an important role in […]

Tom Pak joins the Svašek team

As of June 2018, Tom Pak joins Svašek Hydraulics. Tom graduated in 2019 at Delft University of Technology (river and coastal engineering). His MSc-Thesis was focused on the interaction between aeolian and marine sediment transport at the Hondsbossche Dunes. We are happy to have him in our team. Welcome aboard Tom!

2D Wave spectra modelling in HARES

Full 2D wave spectrum modelling is available in HARES. All local wave directions and frequencies are taken into account by means of 2D wave spectra. Incoming wave energy can be distinguished from reflected wave energy. HARES is a two-dimensional numerical model for the determination of short wave propagation in near-shore domains, e.g. harbour basins. The […]

Kick off meeting WINDLASS project

On 22 May 2019 the Joint Industry Project WINDLASS has started in Wageningen. The project runs for 3 years and will focus on the improvement of the existing knowledge on wind loads on (large) vessels by doing wind measurements in ports and developing software to calculate the wind loads. The number of participants is about […]