PhD-Thesis Floris de Wit

On December 22nd, Floris de Wit, employee at Svašek Hydraulics, successfully defended his PhD, titled “Wave shape prediction in complex coastal systems” at Delft University of Technology. His work focussed on measuring, predicting, and modelling the nonlinear wave shape in complex coastal systems with the eventual goal to improve wave-induced sediment transport. Measurements at the […]

New discharge data Rhine branches – based on new Qf relations set up by Svašek-Boorsma – implemented in national operational water database (Landelijk Meetnet Water)

Discharges of all five of the major Dutch Rhine branches (Bovenrijn, Waal, Pannerdensch Kanaal, IJssel and occasionally Nederrijn) are not continuously measured, but are instead derived from water levels via so called Qf relations. In principle Qf relations are Qh relations: there is a discharge (Q) for each measured water level (h). Reality is – […]

Floris de Wit joins the Svašek team

As per April 16, 2021, Floris de Wit joins Svašek Hydraulics. In 2016 Floris graduated his MSc study Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University of Technology. Subsequently, he started a PhD at the same university (expected defense in 2021), focussing on predicting and modelling the nonlinear wave shape in complex coastal systems with the eventual goal […]

Yannick Steenman joins the Svašek team

As per the first of April 2021, Yannick joins the Svašek Hydraulics team. Yannick graduated from the Delft University of Technology in November 2020 with the specializations Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Coastal Engineering. His Msc-Thesis focused on the numerical modelling of shallow jet flows in 2DH and 3D settings.

Inauguration Qrejten breakwater, Marsaxlokk, Malta

In the past the fishing port of Marsaxlokk regularly experienced damage to anchored vessels and onshore equipment due to high wave conditions. To improve the wave conditions in the port a breakwater in front of the port entrance at Qrejten Point was built in 2020. Svašek Hydraulics has been closely involved in the preparation and […]

Rainfall-runoff system Fenix-II warehouse, Rotterdam

Initiated by Stichting Droom en Daad, the Fenix-II Warehouse (Katendrecht, Rotterdam) is renovated and re-developed into FENIX. The first floor will contain the new FENIX Migration Museum and the ground floor will provide a mix of creative, culinary and cultural activities. The former warehouse of the Holland-Amerika Line (HAL) is of great historic value for […]

Nature restoration measures Bath, Western Scheldt, almost ready!

In recent years, Svašek Hydraulics has on regular basis performed studies in the context of several nature restoration projects in the Western Scheldt, in which valuable nature is created in areas with previous low nature value. In these projects, Svašek Hydraulics has been closely involved in the design process of the measures taken and has […]

Successful audit Lloyds ISO 9001:2015

The Quality Management System of Svašek Hydraulics was successfully audited to the Standards of NEN-EN-ISO 9001:2015 by Lloyds’s Register Quality Assurance. Download English certificate in PDF format