Svašek Hydraulics provides free wave forecasts for the next 7 days around the world. Predictions are based on the global NOAA (USA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) wave model.

Click on a location on the map and request your forecast.

    Notes for free wave forecast

    Results from this prediction model are now available through e-mail for any required position. This service is of interest for port authorities, offshore and dredging companies, oil companies, shipping, consultants and even for sailors or surfers. Requests for wave predictions along sailing routes are also possible.

    The format of the prediction data is very straight forward and basic. Even for users with satellite phone connection the e-mails can be easily downloaded.

    Hindcasts based on the same model are available on request, against a limited fee. This data consists of 13 years wave height, wave period, wind speed and wind direction information.

    All ocean waters and seas with ‘open’ connection to the ocean are included in the system. Seas without an ocean connection, or with a narrow link only, are not included (like the Mediterranean).

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