Model & Research

Svašek Hydraulics is at the front end of wave, current and morphology numerical model development. We develop our own models (e.g. FINEL, HARES, TUDflow3d ) and apply third party software (e.g. XBEACH, SWASH, SWAN, WAQUA, SOBEK). This way we can use the best model fit for the project, instead of fitting the project to our model. Our modelling projects include coastal reinforcements, harbour development, nature development and environmental impact assessment.

The main set of our in-house developed hydrodynamic models, FINEL and HARES, are based on the Finite Element Method and use flexible meshes. FINEL is a hydrodynamic flow model which can operate in 1D, 2D and 3D mode. FINEL has morphological modules to compute sediment transport and seabed development, both for sand and silt. FINEL is (online) coupled to SWAN to take wave influence into account. HARES is our harbour resonance model to compute wave penetration into harbour basins. For local turbulent flows like jets near objects we have our in-house developed CFD model TUDflow3D which can deal with cases of variable density induced by sediment or salinity.

Our models are continuously subject to research and development. For this we cooperate with universities like TU Delft and IHE/UNESCO and publish our results via scientific journals and conferences. If required, we will adjust the model to suit specific questions, instead of having to simplify the problem to fit it to an existing model. Our staff combines the best of model developer and model user. Apart from our own in-house developed numerical flow models we are also licensed users of third party software like XBEACH, SWASH, SWAN, WAQUA, SOBEK.

For a detailed model description and some applications of the software packages, select a model from the list.