Svašek Hydraulics is a leading company in the development of numerical models for waves, currents, and morphology. By managing our own (numerical) software, we have the unique ability to tailor models to specific projects. This provides us with the necessary flexibility to accurately model complex projects without unnecessary simplifications. Our team has extensive experience with the software behind the models, which means we are well aware of the capabilities and limitations of the models. As a result, our staff combines the best of model developers and model users. The models are run on our internal computing cluster, ensuring fast and efficient results.

For each project, we analyze whether modeling is required, and if so, whether analytical or numerical modeling is necessary. We then determine which model, both in-house and external, is most suitable for the specific situation. If needed, we can add functionalities to meet the project’s requirements. Our modeling projects include coastal reinforcement, harbor development, nature conservation, and environmental impact assessment. Detailed application areas are described on the respective pages, such as FINEL or HARES.

Our models are continuously subject to research and development. We ensure the quality of our software by evaluating model results during projects. For interesting cases, we perform the same projects using different software types to objectively assess the quality of our in-house software. Additionally, we collaborate with renowned research institutions such as TU Delft and IHE/UNESCO, and we publish our results in scientific journals and conferences. More information on this can be found under Publications.

Collaboration with research institutions also results in a wide range of interesting internships and graduation projects that students can carry out at our office. Furthermore, Svašek encourages new research by offering employees the opportunity to conduct (partially) Svašek-sponsored doctoral research.


Svašek Hydraulics provides free wave forecasts for the next 7 days almost all over the world. Forecasts are based on the global NOAA (USA – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) wave model.

free wave forecast