Svašek Hydraulics is a specialist consultant in coastal, harbour and river engineering. Our expertise focuses on water dynamics (currents and waves), as well as sediment transport and morphological bed changes caused by water dynamics. Coasts, seas, estuaries and rivers are our playground. Building with Nature is in our DNA.

Svašek Hydraulics is at the front end of wave, current and morphology numerical model development. We develop our own models (e.g. FINEL, HARES, TUDflow3d ) and apply third party software (e.g. XBEACH, SWASH, SWAN, WAQUA, SOBEK). This way we can use the best model fit for the project, instead of fitting the project to our model.

Svašek Hydraulics provides metocean studies (e.g. forecasts, hindcasts, downtime and persistency analyses, daily and extreme conditions) all over the world. Deliverable metocean conditions include air pressure, wind speeds, wave conditions, water levels and current speeds. Free wave forecasts are provided at

The hydraulic engineering expertise of Svašek Hydraulics is related to dredging projects, conceptual design of hydraulic structures and layout optimisation as well as cool water discharge or sediment plume dispersion for environmental impact assessment. The physical processes are the starting point of our design approach.

Svašek Hydraulics provides surveys in complicated hydraulic environments, preferably with a direct link to engineering or modelling. Our staff combines the best of 'field' and 'desk' knowledge.