TUDFlow3d is a fully 3 dimensional CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver which can simulate turbulent flows on engineering scale. The Large Eddy Simulation approach is used to capture the influence of turbulence; hence the most important larger scale eddies are resolved instead of modelled like in RANS. Density currents can be solved, for example warm/cold water outlets, salinity flows, sediment transport.

TUDFlow3d is based on a numerical code from the TU Delft and further developed to be applicable for engineering scale at Svašek Hydraulics. It uses a fast solver on structured grids and runs parallel through MPI. Typical run times are in the order of 1 day for very detailed 1-50 million grid cell simulations.

For details on TUDflow3d see (2015) De Wit, L. 3D CFD modelling of overflow dredging plumes. Ph.D. Thesis, Delft University of Technology, Delft.

TUDFlow3d has been applied successfully for:

  • Release of sediment plumes from a moving dredging vessel including interaction with the propellers and seabed;
  • Turbulent channel flow;
  • Turbulent flow past objects;
  • Stratified turbulent flow;
  • Density driven flow;
  • Transport of suspended load for cohesive and non cohesive sediment, turbidity flows;
  • Transport of tracer.

Some example publications with TUDflow3d are:


  • Svašek Hydraulics
  • TU Delft


  • 3D turbulent flow
  • sediment transport
  • density currents (warm/cold, salinity, sediment)
  • large Eddy Simulation

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