Waves shape our coasts by transporting sediment. In harbours sufficient shelter is needed against waves and coastal structures and dikes must be able to withstand even the most extreme wave conditions.

Svašek Hydraulics has extensive experience in simulating and forecasting waves at ocean, sea, coast, harbour or river. We have large databases for correct determination of local wave conditions and statistics anywhere on the world. In this manner we can derive accurate wave heights, periods and directions under daily conditions as well as more extreme (design) conditions. Svašek Hydraulics can also provide wave measurements.

For accurate predictions of wave propagation on oceans, seas and towards the shore we apply dedicated software: SWAN and WAVEWATCH III. To determine wave penetration patterns inside complex shaped harbour basins partly sheltered by breakwaters and with reflecting quay walls we have in-house developed software HARES. HARES is very fast and can be applied interactively in the design process of a new port. For the interaction between (breaking) waves and obstacles we can apply SPH software.

As waves can steer flow currents and sediment transport we have coupled the wave model SWAN with our flow/morphology model FINEL.

Svašek Hydraulics provides free wave forecasts all over the world at www.worldwavedata.com.