Svašek Hydraulics provides free wave forecasts for the next 7 days almost all over the world. All ocean waters and seas with 'open' connection to the ocean are included in the system. Forecasts are based on the global NOAA (USA - National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) wave model. Visit for more information.

Apart from our free wave forecasts, Svašek Hydraulics can deliver more extensive metocean forecasts or hindcasts on almost any location. These metocean deliveries can include air pressure, wind speeds, wave conditions, water levels and current speeds. This service is of interest for port authorities, offshore and dredging companies, oil companies, shipping, consultants and even for sailors or surfers. Daily or extreme conditions can be determined per season as well as downtime or persistency analyses.

Svašek Hydraulics uses world covering databases containing wind/pressure fields, wave conditions and satellite derived tidal components. For offshore locations these databases are sufficiently accurate, and our metocean services can be provided against a limited fee. For situations with more complex topography/bathymetry or locations near shore we can make accurate translations with our fast and accurate flow and wave models.

Below some examples of metocean studies are given.