An important driver for flow currents at sea is the tide. Other important current drivers are salinity differences, wind and river discharge. Flow currents can be rather uniform over depth or show strong variations over the water vertical for example in density currents or wind driven flow.

Svašek Hydraulics has extensive experience in simulating and forecasting flow currents and water levels at ocean, sea, coast, harbour or river. We have access to global data for correct determination of local tidal conditions and ocean circulations anywhere on the world. In this manner we can derive accurate flow conditions under daily conditions as well as more extreme (design) conditions. Svašek Hydraulics can also provide flow current, water level and river discharge measurements.

For accurate predictions of flow currents and water levels on oceans, seas, estuaries, harbours and rivers apply our in-house developed software FINEL. FINEL can be applied in 3D, 2D and 1D modus. It uses unstructured grids to have sufficient detail in areas of interest with short calculation times. For latter purpose FINEL is highly parallelised for efficient fast calculations on our in-house computational HPC cluster. Additionally we have extensive experience in applying third party flow software WAQUA and SOBEK.

With this set of available numerical models we can simulate tidal driven, ocean circulation driven, salinity difference driven, wind driven and river discharge driven currents. As flow currents can be steered by waves (and vice versa) we have a dynamic coupling between the wave model SWAN and the flow model FINEL. To incorporate the influence of morphological bed level changes on flow currents (and vice versa) FINEL applies a dynamic bed update in morphological simulations. We can also simulate cool water discharges and sediment plume dispersion with our numerical models for example for environmental impact assessment.