2D Wave spectra modelling in HARES

Full 2D wave spectrum modelling is available in HARES. All local wave directions and frequencies are taken into account by means of 2D wave spectra. Incoming wave energy can be distinguished from reflected wave energy.

HARES is a two-dimensional numerical model for the determination of short wave propagation in near-shore domains, e.g. harbour basins. The model is based on the 2D Mild-Slope Equation and includes the physical phenomena of diffraction, refraction, shoaling, (partial) reflection, (partial) transmission, non-linear bottom friction, non-linear wave breaking, directional spreading and frequency spreading. HARES has been developed in-house by Svašek Hydraulics, and is one of the fastest and most widely applicable Mild-Slope wave models currently available.

As an example the port of Scheveningen is modelled in HARES and for various output locations a 2D wave spectrum is given. This example can be found here.