The ROPES project is an extensive Joint Industry Project (JIP), which is initiated and conducted by the partners MARIN, PMH, Deltares and Svašek Hydraulics in close co-operation with participating companies. The acronym ROPES means Research on Passing Effects on Ships”.

The ROPES JIP aims to investigate the effects of passing ships on the dynamics of moored ships. The predictability of these effects is a relevant issue for ports and waterways, where ship sizes and capacities are continuously increasing, whereas port authorities obviously wish to remain able to guarantee a quick and safe handling of ships.

The ROPES project includes both model experiments in laboratories and full-scale field measurements on many locations, as well as the development and delivery of a numerical software tool that is able to compute the loads on moored vessels due to passing vessel events. The main contribution by Svašek Hydraulics to this project is given by correlation/analysis of experimental data sets and by software validation.


  • MARIN,
  • PMH,
  • Deltares, and
  • Svašek Hydraulics .


  • Captive forces