Hurricane Leslie approaching Portuguese coast

NOAA wave forecast (from Saturday 13 October 2018) of Hurricane Leslie approaching the Portuguese coast. Leslie made landfall on Sunday morning causing wave heights up to 8 meters. The animation shows the forecasted wave field as it propagates towards the coast. The highest waves are indicated in red. In need of accurate free wave forecasts […]

Svašek Hydraulics participates in smartest part North Sea

Off the coast of The Hague, just outside the harbor of Scheveningen, a very advanced test area of ​​10 x 10 nautical miles is set up. In this area scientists, governments, companies and other organisations can perform all kinds of research and test technological innovations. In this test area on the North Sea, companies from […]

Finish Volvo Ocean Race 2018 in The Hague! “Go with the Flow”

Finish Volvo Ocean Race 2018 in The Hague “Go with the Flow”!! From June 24th up to July 1st the Volvo Ocean Race 2018 finishes in The Hague. During this special event Svašek Hydraulics in cooperation with Sailmon will be providing the Optimist European Championship 2018 with our current overview booklets , covering the whole race week. Interested? Meet us […]

PhD dissertation Max Radermacher

Max Radermacher (employee at Svašek Hydraulics) successfully defended his PhD thesis on Friday June 15th. For his PhD-thesis ‘Impact of sand nourishments on hydrodynamics and swimmer safety’ Max has performed an in-depth analysis of safety for swimmers around the Sand Engine. Pumping huge volumes of sand onto the coastline, like the Sand Engine, has effects […]

Spectral modeling of wave propagation in coastal areas with a harbor navigation channel

Today, Svašek Hydraulics gives a presentation at the PIANC congres. The conclusion of the presented article is that wave models based on the Mild-Slope Equation, in combination with efficient and accurate spectral treatment of bottom friction and wave breaking based on the entire wave spectrum, are quite competitive to numerical models that are conceptually more sophisticated (like SWASH and SWAN). In practice, mild-slope models like HARES remain a preferable tool for the design of harbor layouts.

Max Radermacher joins the Svašek team

As of February 2018, Max Radermacher joins Svašek Hydraulics. Following his graduation internship with Svašek in 2012, he worked as a PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology until 2017. His PhD research addressed the impact of large-scale sand nourishments on swimmer safety. At Svašek, Max will focus on hydrodynamic and morphodynamic model simulations, metocean […]

Svašek has a new team member: Sam Bom!

Recently, Sam graduated at the TU Delft on CFD simulations of scour holes. At Svašek he will work on morphology, waves and flow simulations. We are glad that he is joining our team!