Svašek Hydraulics taking part in M&CCE Expo in Londen

Svašek Hydraulics has, together with Netics and Exo Environmental, a stand at the M&CCE Expo in Londen, which takes place on October 12th and 13th. The cooperation between Netics, Exo Environmental and Svašek started at the Brightling sea port expansion project in the UK.

  • For Brighling Sea Svašek, Netics and Exo Environmental provided the following services:
  • Simulation of flow and sediment dispersion of dredge spill being released during port dredging;
  • Design of a geotextile breakwater to minimise environmental impact;
  • Application of the ‘working with nature’ principle to even generate opportunities for new
    ecological benefits.

Please visit our booth in case you are at the M&CCE Expo in Londen.