Svašek Hydraulics participates in smartest part North Sea

Off the coast of The Hague, just outside the harbor of Scheveningen, a very advanced test area of ​​10 x 10 nautical miles is set up. In this area scientists, governments, companies and other organisations can perform all kinds of research and test technological innovations.

In this test area on the North Sea, companies from the maritime sector and water sports can carry out tests under difficult conditions. Think, for example, of buoys with sensors for observing ships, measuring wind, currents and waves. Data is sent to the shore in real time and processed. For example, the latest systems are being developed for autonomous sailing, sailing and technology that detect drownings underwater. Because of safety, the test area is located outside the fairway of commercial shipping and focuses mainly on small-scale maritime innovations with international potential. According to the municipality of The Hague, this "smartest part of the North Sea " is unique in the world.

This week it became known that the European Union contributes 1.7 million euros to the project. The total project has a duration of four years and costs 4.3 million euros. The project was created through intensive collaboration between TU Delft, the port of Scheveningen, Sailing Innovation Center, TNO, KPN, Svašek Hydraulics, the Watersportverbond and the municipality of The Hague. The smartest part of the North Sea reinforces the profile of Scheveningen harbor as an innovation port.