Svašek Hydraulics has purchased an AWAC

Svašek Hydraulics recently has purchased a Nortek Acoustic Wave and Current (AWAC) 1 MHz profiler together with a Campbell OBS3+ turbidity sensor. In June and July the AWAC has been used in four 13-hours surveys in two harbours in Zeeland, The Netherlands. To that end it has been mounted on an aluminum pole and used in vessel-mounted mode. At present, the AWAC and the OBS are mounted stand-alone in a frame and are deployed on the bottom of the Braakmanhaven in Terneuzen for a 6 weeks non-stop survey of vertical velocity profiles and near bed turbidity levels.

The results of these measurements are used in the calibration of a FINEL3D model of the Western Scheldt focussing on currents and sediment transport into the Braakmanhaven.