First LNG carrier for Gate terminal Rotterdam

Gate terminal will start early June with the commissioning phase of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal on the Rotterdam Maasvlakte. Related to this, on June 13 the first LNG-carrier will moor in the harbour of Rotterdam.

Prior to the start of commercial operations of Gate terminal in September 2011, the installations will be tested extensively for several months. In the first phase of this so called commissioning period, the tanks and pipelines are cooled down to -162 degrees Celsius. That is the temperature of the liquefied natural gas which will be supplied by LNG-carriers, stored in the three tanks at the terminal and then be supplied to the Dutch transmission network.

Since 2005 Svašek Hydraulics has been involved in several Gate LNG studies, e.g. wave penetration study into Gate LNG channel, cold water discharge modelling, weather downtime assessment Gate terminal facilities, wave bouy measurements, improvement of swell forecast system.