Wave measurements

Wave height, wave periods and directions are frequently used for design studies of breakwaters, dikes and harbour layouts. Measured waves are needed to deliver boundary conditions for numerical modelling with for example SWAN or HARES.  For wave measurements Svašek Hydraulics owns an AWAC-AST ADCP, but also third-party equipment can be used.

One of the latest developments in wave measurements is the WaveDroid buoy. The WaveDroid wave measurement buoy supplies real-time observations of the full 2D wave spectrum. WaveDroid makes use of the latest technological developments and is relatively small and light-weight, which makes it roughly 10 times less expensive than conventional wave buoys. This enables the possibility of wave buoy measurements at smaller projects, or the application of multiple wave buoys for optimal spatial coverage.

Svašek Hydraulics closely cooperates with the developers of the WaveDroid buoy, providing a wide experience in practical applications of the buoy. Examples of actual WaveDroid measurements are: Long-term monitoring of the wave climate for the analysis of coastal erosion, operational monitoring of workability conditions for construction works at sea, validation of numerical wave simulations and determination/checking of design conditions in a marina.

Some example of wave measurements by Svašek Hydraulics are:

  • Installation of a Endeco Wave Track buoy in Ghana with online data communication to a shore based computer through an EMM data telemetry buoy.
  • Fixed point wave measurements in Guyana with an AWAC-AST (Nortek AS) ADCP fixed to a bottom mounted frame at 24 m depth. The AWAC was deployed twice for a two month period.
  • Fixed point wave measurements in India with an AWAC-AST (Nortek AS) ADCP fixed to a bottom mounted frame at 15 m depth. The AWAC was deployed once for a one month period.
  • Installation of Datawell Waverider Buoys on both sides of the Noorderdam (entrance to the port of Rotterdam) to study the wave transmission of this breakwater.
WaveDroid Buoy