Suspended sediment monitoring

Measuring suspended sediment loads are for example useful to quantify dredging loads for future harbour developments or to optimise existing harbour layout expansions. Svašek Hydraulics successfully applies its Silt and Sand modules in FINEL for future harbour developments all over the world. To measure suspended loads the following Optical Backscatter Sensors (OBS), owned by Svašek Hydraulics, were used recently:

  • OBS 3A sensor of D&A Instrument Company (Campbell Scientific). The sensor has been applied stand-alone to measure suspended sediment profiles on a fixed location once every hour and is applied connected to the bottom mounted AWAC to measure simultaneously acoustic backscatter profiles with currents and waves.
  • OBS 3+ turbidity sensor of Campbell Scientific. The sensor has been applied connected to a bottom mounted AWAC, and to a Nortek AS Aquadopp to measure turbidity and currents simultaneously.

Obtical Backscatter Sensors have recently been used for silt monitoring around the IJburg 2 reclamation works, and for silt measurements in Vlissingen and Terneuzen.