Fixed and vessel mounted current measurements

Current measurements are carried out for mainly the calibration of our numerical modelling or else are used as boundary conditions. Svašek Hydraulics owns a regularly used Valeport Model 108 MkIII direct reading current meter, and an Nortek AST 1 MHz Acoustic Wave and Current (AWAC) profiler. Other equipment is used as well. An example of some current measurement campaigns carried out by Svašek Hydraulics are:

  • Upward looking AWAC profiler, installed on the sea bed in India and Guyana.
  • Vessel Mounted AWAC profiler, used again in India and Guyana to measure current profiles along transects and discharges through rivers.
  • Vessel mounted AWAC is used to measure the current in Weymouth (UK), Rio de Janeiro (Brasil) and in Vlissingen and Terneuzen (The Netherlands).
  • Current measurements with a Workhorse Mariner (Teledyne, RDI Instruments) Vessel mounted current profiler in Berghaven (Rotterdam, the Netherlands).
  • Aquadopp (Nortek AS) fixed point current measurements, applied for profile measurements as well as single point measurements.
  • Marco Flow current meter connected to an EMM data telemetry buoy, Ghana.
  • Valeport Model 108 MkIII direct reading current meter installed in Manoel Island, Malta