Bathymetric surveys

Bathymetric surveys have been carried out regularly the past years and ranges from extensive team surveys to surveys of a small project areas carried out with open dinghy's.

Past key experience:

  • Bathymetric survey of 100 km long shore coastline of the Guyana
    - Valeport Midas surveyor echosounder, 33 & 210 KHz with internal GPS
  • Bathymetric survey of 350 km of the River Niger from Lokoja to Aboh
    - Navisound 420 (dual frequency) and Navisound 210
    - Ashtech-z extreme RTK for benchmarking
  • Bathymetric survey of river entrance of Bonny River, Nigeria
    - Valeport Midas surveyor echosounder (Dual Frequency with internal GPS)
  • Bathymetric survey of Oti River (Ghana) over a length of 606 kilomtres
  • Bathymetrical survey of Enkhuizen Beach, the Netherlands
    - performed with a dual frequency echosounder