About us

Svašek Hydraulics is a specialist consultant in coastal, harbour and river engineering. Our expertise focuses on water dynamics (currents and waves), as well as sediment transport and morphological bed changes caused by water dynamics. Coasts, seas, estuaries and rivers are our playground. Building with Nature is in our DNA.

Our clients include government bodies and authorities, contractors, industrial companies and general consultants. Svašek Hydraulics is based in the Netherlands and was founded in 1969 by Mr. J.N. (Honzo) Svašek (1926-1994). Mr. A.J. (Bram) Bliek is the General Manager since 1984. In 2003 Svašek Hydraulics became fully independent from any contractor, consultant or institute. From our office in Rotterdam we operate in many countries spread over all continents, with emphasis on our home market in the Netherlands.